Get Your Controller Companion with Steam

Tue 26th May 2015 - 8:38am : Tech Reviews

Get Your Controller Companion with Steam

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Controller Companion allows users to use their controllers to take charge of their mouse, media and keyboard for their PC. This works even when not in-game or in Big Picture.

Mouse and Keyboard Control on the Desktop

You can control your mouse and keyboard using a controller, when not in Big Picture. You control the mouse, including clicking, with the left thumb stick and scroll with the right. The keyboard is directly on your desktop; this makes it a little slower than actually typing, but is great for media servers when browsing.

Turn off your wireless controller when you turn off your PC

You don’t need to pop out the battery after turning your PC off, as the link will sever automatically, switching your controller off with it.

Launch Big Picture with Guide Button

You can go directly to Steam’s Big Picture mode with the press of a button, the “Guide” button that is.

Use Controller as a Media Remote

You can control your media player using the “Y” button (or equivalent), as well as the shoulder buttons, of your controller.

This application only works with controllers that support XInput. If you have a wireless Xbox 360 controller you’ll also need an Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver. You can use your PlayStation controller, but not without a XInput wrapper.

The application is rather cheap, going for $2.99 (approximately R36) once off. It does seem that there are a number of updates that get released, making the application better and less bugged every time.

You can head on over to the Steam page to find out more information and buy Controller Companion.



Barend Bester

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