ALG Phantom Knights win the BF4 8v8 Memories Cup

Sun 27th Nov 2016 - 8:28pm : Gaming

Well played to all team's that took part in the 8v8 Memories Cup


Battlefield 4 has had many competitive game modes, from 8v8 and 5v5 to 5v5 Squad Obliteration. But none step up to 8v8.

The sheer mentality of managing 8 players on an enourmous map means working strats will not be as easy.


We faced up against many 8v8 veterans in this cup, Still retaining all there knowlege from the 8v8 heyday and meaning that

Taking 1st place was easier said than done.


Well played ALG Phantom Knights and ALG Phantom Assasins




Thank you for all the teams that took part


1st  ALG-Phantom Knights

2nd Semper vincemus 8v8

      ALG-Phantom Assasins


      DDC 8v8

      kLaP- Forgotten Militia

      DHK- Pandemonium

      Soldiers only live once



Kyle Harrison

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