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Mon 6th Jul 2015 - 5:14am : Gaming

『We at ALG are very pleased to announce the beginning of a spectacular alliance with the best in the gaming business, Ttesports

As Proud members of the Ttesports family, Armor Legion Gaming will strive to live up to the respectable standards that Ttesports have established and bring further glory to the Ttesports trophy case.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership, bringing the best there is in gaming tech to the forefront of gaming, both local and international.

Using the latest in gaming technology, the Ttesports PLUS+ we will know just how many enemies we have laid to rest, how many clicks took us to victory and give us the edge we needed to overcome our obstacles.

To victory with Ttesports is now our calling, and we will answer. 』



By Armor Legion Gaming
CEO and Owner
ALG | WCvanO
Wimpie Van Onselen

TteSports's photo.


Barend Bester

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