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E3 is a massive week for gamers all over the globe. Worldwide reveals, bombshell news announcements, and more all keep us glued to our screens all week long. But which announcements from E3 2015 were the biggest of the big? We pulled some stats to find out.

Below are the 11 biggest stories from E3 2015, as determined by IGN (US) traffic:


11) Bethesda'€™s Press Conference is a Big Hit

Bethesda held its first E3 press conference ever this year, and by almost all accounts the publisher knocked it out of the park. In addition to the long-expected reveal of Fallout 4, the conference also brought us Fallout Shelter, an extended look at Doom, Dishonored 2, and more. Our comprehensive Bethesda press conference recap was one of our biggest stories from E3.


10) Mass Effect: Andromeda Revealed

Hype levels for the next Mass Effect are so high that just an official name, a release window, and a mood-setting announcement trailer were enough to get everyone’s attention. Like any debut trailer, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s manages to reveal enough to capture our imagination, while remaining mysterious enough to leave us with plenty of questions.


9) Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire Announced

BioWare’s Star Wars MMO The Old Republic might have faded from prominence, but the story-heavy game still enjoys a large and loyal player base. And those players were eager to learn anything they could about the upcoming expansion Knight of The Fallen Empire during E3. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the expansion was announced with an absolutely gorgeous CG trailer, created by Blur.


8) Bethesda Surprise-Launches Fallout Shelter

It’s getting more and more rare to experience one of those fantastic “...and it’s available right now!” moments, thanks to how hard it is to keep big projects completely secret. But Bethesda managed to pull it off, and even managed to loop in Apple itself. Moments after Todd Howard’s live announcement that Fallout Shelter was live, the game was featured right on top of the App Store.


7) HoloLens offers a Peek into the Future

There are a lot of technologies that have potential to be The Next Big Thing in video games. At E3 2015, HoloLens jumped to the top of the pile, against all odds. When you see a Halo Spartan come to life and walk across the table in front of you, it’s hard not to think that the future is now.


6) Microsoft'™s Press Conference Impresses

Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference lacked the jaw-dropping moments and stunts that made Sony’s so entertaining, but the company made up for it with rock-solid game demo after rock-solid game demo. Halo 5, Gears of War 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider all looked fantastic. Throw in an intriguing new Elite controller, a surprise backwards compatibility announcement, and game debuts like ReCore, and it’s easy to see why Microsoft’s show was such a hit.


5) Star Wars Battlefront'€™s Jaw-Dropping Demo

Battlefront’s first-ever public gameplay demo for Star Wars: Battlefront impressed almost everyone with its authenticity. The sound, the effects, even the animations of the imperial and rebel troops looked and felt just like the original trilogy. What truly got Star Wars fans buzzing was the reveal of Luke Skywalker as a playable hero. IGN was so impressed with Battlefront at E3 2015 progressed that we would ultimately crown it our Game of the Show.


4) Sony's Press Conference Blows Everyone'€™s Mind

Microsoft’s press conference might have had deeper looks at games we’re actually going to get to play in the next 12 months, but Sony’s press conference was jam-packed full of those “OMG” moments we all hope to see. Shenmue 3! FF7 Remake! The Last Guardian! When a press conference opens with one of the most anticipated games of the last decade, you know you’re in for a fun ride. And of course, deeper looks at Uncharted 4 and impressive game reveals like Horizon Zero Dawn made Sony’s press conference a big hit.


3) The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Real

The feverish demand for a Final Fantasy 7 remake is so high that Square Enix merelyrevealing to the world that the remake is real, with almost no other details, was enough to make this one of E3 2015’s biggest stories. It certainly helps that the CG trailer used to reveal the remake is absolutely gorgeous, and included lots of little details for superfans to pick apart.


2) Fallout 4 Collector's Edition Revealed

Any collector’s edition fatigue being felt by the gaming community melted away when Bethesda revealed the collector’s edition of Fallout 4, which comes with an actual Pip-Boy you can strap to your arm. Gimmicky? Sure. But it beats another cheap-feeling cloth map, or plasticky statue.


1) Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Believe it or not, IGN’s biggest single story from E3 2015 was Microsoft’s surprise-announcement that backward compatibility is coming to Xbox One, with 100 compatible games included by this Holiday. It’s a nice bonus that supported retail Xbox 360 disks will trigger a download when inserted into your Xbox One, allowing you to play on your new console. But the true potential here is gamers’ digital Xbox Live Arcade game libraries. Many gamers have dozens of digital games tied to their Xbox profile, awkwardly trapped on their Xbox 360s, and now we can finally begin to access those games again. Kudos, Microsoft.

These rankings are determined by article pageviews from June 14-June 22. Only E3 related articles are included (otherwise the Batman: Arkham City Review would have been on top). Multiple stories on the same topic, including the Fallout 4 reveal, have been condensed here into a single listing.



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