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Tue 2nd Jun 2015 - 3:43pm : Gaming

With the announcement of a new NFS game coming soon by EA, fans around the world were ecstatic! This rumors began to fly and all were wishing for a third instalment to the underground franchise. It looks very promising that this may be the case. But fans are not so excited anymore since EA announced that the single player will require a connection to the internet just to play the single player, even if you have no desire to take part in the multiplayer side of the game.

For countries like South Africa, where internet connectivity via an adsl line is not the easiest thing to get hold of and 3G sales around the nation still much higher than that of fixed lines this now becomes quite a downfall. A decline in initial sales seems obvious.

The requirement for the online connectivity is simply to force customers in to DRM situations, that let’s face it, just piss people off more than anything else. The only thing DRM has led to is unlawful copying of the game, and we are pretty sure this will be the majority case in South Africa… It’s a shame to think that a re-launch to the Underground franchise was something Need For Speed was desperate for.

For South Africans, there are just too many factors that could result in a really bad experience. If you are playing via wifi and the connection drops, will you lose your progress or be able to play at all? What if you cannot get in to a server (think Diablo 3 in it’s first week) or if Telkom decides that they need to work on your line that is working perfectly fine (as they seem to always do). There are just too many variables pointing to a “I might get to have fun with this game today” scenario.

We’re a bit annoyed, because the trailer does look good:

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