Dota 2 : Immortal Leaks!

Wed 27th May 2015 - 2:29pm : Gaming


It would appear reddit user ha11ak has managed to conjure up some images of the items that will be found in the Immortal Treasure II.

Although many of us know that Valve had delayed the release of the second instalment of compendium treasures, they should have been able to release it on time. The sales figures of the compendium for 2015 has been faster than that of last year, with sales reaching $30 million in the first ten days bringing the stretch goals to approximately $7 million already. Valve had plenty of warning they would need to create the items accordingly. In this respect, the community is entitled to criticise the lack of preparation from Valve.

Valve have released news that they will be updating the compendium with more challenges this week in an attempt to please the community.

The community seems a bit despondent about the images that have been shared, however, they look like the works of alpha and we think that the final products may be a bit more pleasing. Rumours are also pointing at Anti Mage getting the rarer, Golden Immortal Treasure.

Here are the pics of what is to come:

Shadow Fiend:




Faceless Void:



Man, I hope Sven throws that shield like Captain America!!!

What are your thought's on the new treasures? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Reddit, ha11ak



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