Battlefield 4 : The Spring Patch Update

Wed 27th May 2015 - 12:50pm : Gaming

Symthic have gathered a crazy amount of data and collated it all on their website here. Be careful, it's a lot to take in at first but just use the search feature of your browser to quickly navigate to your weapon of choice and find out what they have done to it!

DICE's Fixnow has put up some interesting information in a lot less detail to give you a decent overview of the changes on Battlelog's Forums. DICE have also released a nice little PDF with some graphics to help anyone understand some of the changes available here.

In summary, there has been a massive overhaul to the mechanics across the majority of weaponry and their respective attachments in Battlefield 4, a few stability fixes (hopefully we won't have as many arbitrary crashes and errors!), audio improvements including a unique headshot sound (still to be tested but this feels very Call of Duty like!!), HUD clarity improvements and... Now you can even knife your quad out of those ditches!

What are your thoughts on the new update? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check back for more exciting news!



Brad Daniels

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